Thanks to a generous ruling by David, we've been allowed to upload a bugfix so that enemies will now chase the player!  Hooray!

How to play:

  • find enough secrets (question-marked papers) to unravel the major secret (exclamation mark)
  • avoid enemies
  • gather other items to help you


  • Movement - W,A,S,D
  • Shoot - Click
  • Reload - R (multiple times)
  • Use Item - E (must be on top of the item)
  • Toggle Map & Info - Q



We started out with a pretty grand concept, but it took much too long to implement the mechanics, such that the final product is not at all near what we had in mind.  I feel that the final product is so far departed from the main ideas we had that I don't really want to describe what we had in mind in the first place.  Tim did a great job with the art assets that we managed to get around to making.  I spent a desperate last half hour trying to wrap stuff up; the actual goal which is in place was implemented during that time.  The last 6 minutes were just me trying to get enemies to follow the player.  I'm sure the follow function would have worked if I'd just been able to figure out why it wasn't being called! XD  Anyways, fun was had.  We made a ... thing.  It might be a game.