A downloadable game for Windows

***** Caution! Requires Alt-F4 to quit! *****

Unfinished; be Kind! :)

*** CONTROLS ***

WASD : movement

l-click : interact (click on objects that have popup text)

r-drag : rotate camera

Alt-F4 : quit (sorry)

*** SETTING ***

You must protecting your ill mother from ghosts using lanterns, incense, and prayers. Once all the lanterns are lit, ring the gong to send the all the ghosts away.

*** GAMEPLAY ***

Not much made it in time. This was essentially a test level.

- pick up objects by moving over and clicking on them

- avoid the dark ghosts

- light the lantern and then ring the gong to win

- lit lanterns repel ghosts

- bring a prayer to the incense (pink) to banish all ghosts in the area

Updated 21 days ago


Miko-LD32-Jam.zip 10 MB
Miko-LD32-Jam-Source.zip 7 MB