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Ludum Dare 28 Entry

Here's my first successful LD entry in a while! :D Glad I finished, and while it's not wholly feature-complete, it's complete enough to be a full, fun game. 

For those who are finding it difficult: stick it out; there are checkpoints! For those of you playing on non-QWERTY keyboard layouts, I'm sorry! I'll be uploading alternate control schemes in a post-compo version; my submission time was down to the wire as is.

There are several theme tie-ins:
- You only get one gem of each color (at a time)
- You only get one life (until the next checkpoint)
- You only get one level (mastering it gets harder)
For the non-QWERTY people:
- You only get one control scheme (sorry guys XD)
For those who make it all the way to level 3:
- You only get one [REDACTED]

In the end, Only One Remains.
Good luck!

In-game help follows:


Arrow keys move, Z & X rotate your pods.

Collect gems with your pods in order to clear like-colored gates.
If a full pod touches another gem the gem will be destroyed, if it is a like-colored gem the pod will also emptied.
You only get one gem of each color - filling a pod with a duplicate gem will empty all your pods.
Finally, protect your centroid - if it touches a gate or gem it will be disintegrated.

Survive all the levels to win!