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This game was a submission to the MyFarms Game Jam II - Feb 2014

Entry by Jonathan Wideman

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The game is currently unfinished; sorry :(

All my mechanics are in, but I couldn’t finish the level. I took an extra hour during the grace period to try to finish some things up and was able to add some much needed checkpoints and a start/end state. I think the time can be justified as I spent at least that much time facilitating the jam.

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The game is quite unfinished, and some parts of the level are more difficult than I'd like, so here are some tips to get through. Minor spoilers ahead!

Traps are vicious. Block them off to get past them. You may have to switch lenses to find extra blocks, or reuse ones you've found before.

Take your time and look around with the different lenses. Try to anticipate what's coming up, especially around beasts. Be careful though as you're not likely to survive after enraging a beast by using a lens near it.

If you're having trouble with a beast, keep your lenses off and stick to the shadows. Usually, making a break for it is not a good option. Listen for the lower growl when he returns to his home spot and wait a few seconds for him to get there before moving to the next shadow.

The last beast is really too hard at this point, but it is possible to get past him. Use the nearest shadows you can.