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A trapper carries the spirit of a displaced Native American to find final rest in his ancestral home. Designed for two players using keyboard and Xbox controller. Alternate keyboard controls are available if you do not have a controller.

This game was an entry for Global Game Jam 2019 which can be found here.

Designed for keyboard + Xbox controller.

Unzip and run executable. Alternate keyboard controls are available if you do not have a controller.


NB: An input bug currently affects Trapper gamepad controls. Please use Y button to confirm and A button to jump if using a gamepad.

Left-Stick or I,J,K,L = move
A / B buttons or U / M keys = jump
X / Y buttons or X / Y keys = confirm

Arrow keys or W,A,S,D = move
Space key = jump
Enter key = confirm

How to Play:

Spirit needs to collect all the memories in each area. Trapper must then visit the campfire opposite his starting point to proceed. If there are more memories to find, Spirit will inform you to keep searching. Spirit cannot move if Trapper is not nearby, and instead will slowly be drawn towards Trapper.

Hints (spoiler warning):

There are five memories to find in each area.
You may need to jump up stairs to progress.
Some memories may be hard to spot.
Spirit can enter the deep forest while Trapper cannot.


Caleb Carroll - Secondary Developer, Level Design, Writing

Michael Kasinger - Music

Jonathan Wideman - Lead Developer, Character Models


Special Thanks To:

Brackeys (Youtube) - dialog system and other Unity tutorials

Kenny (kenny.nl) - for excellent free low poly assets


Rest Your Bones v0.0.1.zip 23 MB
Rest Your Bones v0.0.1 - Source.zip 120 MB

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